Elf Mega Army - Kings of War

Mantic Games

Elf Mega Army - Kings of War

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Elves will not typically march to war unless it is entirely necessary but when they do they will fight with a terrifying purpose and zeal, combining disciplin with immaculately forged weaponry. The Mega Army Range from Mantic Games is designed to get new players fighting exciting battles in no time at all.

What's inside the Elf Mega Army?

  • 10x Cavalry Miniatures
  • 3x Forest Shambler Miniatures
  • 40x Elven Tallspear Miniatures
  • 30x Elven Bowmen Miniatures
  • 2x Dragon's Bolt Thrower Miniatures With Crew
  • 1x Elven Mage Queen Miniature

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires superglue.

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