Gamegenic Xl Side Holder 100+ Green


Gamegenic XL Side Holder 100+ Green

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A part of Gamegenic's classic deck box range, these durable flip top deck protectors are more than capable of keeping your valuable TCG decks safe and secure while on the move, combining a durable plastic frame with strong welds and clever design with TCG players in mind.

  • Designed to hold 100 double-sleeved cards*
  • Self Locking Lid
  • Write-on Strip
  • Cobra Neck Technology. Flap Closure can Be Opened Up To 180° For Easy Access To Your Deck
  • Includes FLEX Card Divide For Seperating Cards
  • Strong Weld Points
  • Acid Free, No PVC

*Optimised for Gamegenic Sleeves


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