The Kin Posse - Shadows of the West (Dracula's America)

North Star

The Kin Posse - Shadows of the West (Dracula's America)

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A ready made Posse to use in the game Dracula's America.

The Kin are a faction that does not feature in any of the Dracula's America books. They are a Posse of Ghoulish Cannibals, and the rules for using them come as a separate printed sheet with each purchase, exclusively from North Star only. The Posse Sheet is a limited print run, so won't be available forever.

The Kin is made up of 8 figures:

  • 1x Patriarch
  • 2x Ghouls, Gator and Grady
  • 1x Grandpa with pistol and jug
  • 1x Grannie with Rifle
  • 1x Daisy with pistol
  • 1x Darrel with pistol and banjo
  • 1x Big Merle with pistol and meat hook

All miniatures are 28mm sized.

Metal figures, supplied unpainted.

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