The Great MLG Brush Off

Brush Off

With the start of 2022 we wanted to have a little fun in the MLG community and especially on our Discord channel. The discord is a family friendly, warm and welcoming place in which like minded people show off their hobby, talk about techniques, the weather, what's for dinner, their pets and much more, it also tends to be the place where we discuss new stock arriving and any behind the scenes information about Mighty Lancer Games before the rest of our Social Media channels find out. 

So in January 2022 the Discord community decided a painting incentive was in order, something extra, just for fun that would inspire people to get painting and they named it The Great MLG Brush Off. A theme was picked for each month and everyone got their thinking caps on as to what they wanted to paint. The idea is for a non judged, open to everyone, open to all abilities, just for fun hobby inspired painting incentive in which all submissions are gathered at the end of the month and put together in a showcase video so everyone can see the awesomeness that is our hobby and the MLG community. It is free to join and there is no pressure all we ask is that you paint a miniature, miniatures or diorama around the theme and that you have fun. 

You can submit your entries on our Discord channel or by tagging us and using #MLGbrushOff on our social media channels. 

Find the Discord HERE

In January the theme was End Game Boss and the submissions were fierce and we are very happy to link you to the showcase video for everyone's painted miniatures for The Great MLG Brush Off January End Game Boss HERE 

For February the theme is Film/Screen and already we have some great ideas flying around. See the video HERE

March theme Class / Regiment gave way to some lateral thinking with people taking Class to mean anything from a classy person to a school. 

Find the Youtube playlist HERE for the amazing art videos. 

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