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Painting A Miniature A Day in 2021- The Start

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Mrs MLG is part of the Goblin Army which is a community mainly on Discord who help each other and enjoy the same activities, mainly painting miniatures and playing games. 
As we began to head towards the horizon of 2021 some members of the community wanted to give the Paint A Miniature A Day Challenge a go. Mrs MLG has two jobs and a family but she thought even if she didn’t manage to paint 365 miniatures, and let’s face it that would be some feat to accomplish, then she would have fun along the way and it would be an experience nonetheless.

With no clear plan in mind and the 1st January 2021 fast approaching she discussed the idea of a mini a day with Mr MLG. As well as this they also discussed what could be the next window display in the shop, the idea with this was always to have a rotation of window displays and currently they had created a Hornby Train Layout Halloween theme and Christmas window but we wanted a Games Workshop theme as well and decided on Orks V’s Tyranids, so it made sense to paint Orks for a miniature a day seeing as how they needed so many. 
So Mrs MLG’s painting adventure began with a Morkanaut Games Workshop Morkanaut

progressing along with a few Orks until she stumbled across the Reaper Miniatures Challenge League on their Discord channel. This is not a new thing to most but certainly is new to Mrs MLG and added a whole new level to the mini a day attempt leading to this little guy on day 5, which following the Reaper rules only uses three paints.Reaper Miniatures

As a new painter Mrs MLG didn’t even have a pile of shame so she had to raid the shop and create on.

And so continues the journey, how far will she get? How many miniatures will actually look good? What will be your favourite? 

Follow Mrs MLG’s journey on our blog and on our Twitter using #gom365 


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