A Hobbying Family

On this weeks Two Paint Tuesday Mrs MLG attempted to paint a Skaven and Mr MLG finished his Hobgoblins for Mordheim. Two Paint Tuesday is always a rush of a stream to get ready for, because of family commitments it starts at 6.30pm but the shop does not close until 5pm then the drive home, prepare and eat tea before going live, meaning Tuesdays are always a little more hectic than normal.

This week Mrs MLG didn’t have anything to paint, well she has a very small pile of grey plastic but didn’t fancy painting any of that, so Mr MLG suggested she try her hand at painting his Skaven BloodBowl team, The King Street Kreepers, ready for the next season of Blood Bowl Sevens, he stuck them together for her and the black primer had just about dried for the start of the stream. In Mrs MLGs normal fashion she grumbled along while they both chatted to the community & painted live on stream.

Mr MLG was attempting to get his Hobgoblins finished ready for some games of Mordheim at an event this weekend, one Hobgoblin is sporting pink trousers as per a request in chat from Pete and they have all had some tiny tuffs on their bases.

a set of 4 hobgoblin miniatures , painted with metal armour and green skin for tabletop gaming
After the Mighty Lancer Games stream WkdDee began a painting stream on her channel which MLG raided in to. While watching WkdDee Little Miss MLG painted a Robotic Kobold in shiny metallics from Army Painter as her submission for The Great MLG Brush Off for September.

a small miniature for tabletop gaming of a robot kobold painted in blue and pink metallics by a child
All in all a good evening of family painting was had.
You can buy miniatures, paint and more at Mighty Lancer Games in Bridlington and here https://www.mightylancergames.co.uk/

You can watch our live streams here https://twitch.tv/mightylancer

And find us in all these places too https://mightylancergames.carrd.co


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