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Hi everyone!! This is the first post of the new MLG blog. I'll be updating this every few days to let you know what's new and what is occurring in the world of Mighty Lancer Games. 

I'll be talking about what I'm painting, what I'm building and what games we're playing, as well as my musings about any new products, games or my latest crushing defeat....

Today is the 3rd November 2020, two days before the start of Covid Lockdown 2 (Electric Boogaloo). Its likely to be a month or two before I get to play a tabletop game with the lads, so there's time to get some miniatures painted and some rules read.

Whats on the list? 

  • Chosen Men (95th Rifles) for Napoleonic era Black Powder - I'm painting these using mostly Citadel Contrast. (Need to read the Black Powder rules).
  • Eliminators, Infiltrators, Assault Intercessors and Repulsor Executioner for my Night Lord themed Primaris 40k Army.
  • Forgeworld Brass Scorpion - two years in the painting WIP, this is one of my favourite FW minis that Mrs MLG treated me to for my birthday a couple of years ago. I don't want to rush it....
  • MLG 3d print Elf Bust - Painting the display piece.
  • Get my head around the 40k 9th edition rules in preparation for a game with KG when we get back to gaming.

I'll post up some pictures of the figures i'm painting and anything else that might be relevant.

Mr MLG paints a Warlord Games Chosen Man miniature

Thanks for reading.



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