Warpaints Air Starter Set

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Warpaints Air Starter Set

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An ideal bundle for anybody starting out with airbrushing for the first time, this Warpaints Air starter set contains a gammut of colours that can be mixed to create a huge variety of hues for just about any project. Designed with a uniform consistnecy that is ideal for Airbrushing, each bottle contains 18ml of Air colour witha mixing ball already included, plus the set provides an extra large 100ml bottle of grey primer.

  • Matt Grey Primer
  • Matt Black
  • Matt White
  • Greenskin
  • Daemonic Yellow
  • Pure Red
  • Leather Brown
  • BArbarian Flesh
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Plate Mail Metal
  • Alien Purple
  • Skeleton Bone
  • Uniform Grey

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