Really Useful Storage Box 4 Litre With Example Miniatures

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Really Useful Storage Box 4 Litre

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4 litre Really Useful storage box with lid and clip lock handles which can be used to store a variety of items, for example this box can 1 ream of A4 paper.

Keep your gaming miniatures safe and secure while travelling to and from Mighty Lancer Games :) with our range of Really Useful Plastic Boxes. The 4 Litre clip shut box is ideal for infantry smaller miniatures, with an internal height of 68mm, the lid secures nice and tight with two clipping handles and the bottom profile measures slightly larger than A4 so you can apply a full magnetic sheet to the base without cutting!

If you're looking to create your own army carry case (like this one), then check out the Really Useful Box Collection for more information and materials!

Internal Measurements: L348xW220xD68mm
External Measurements: L395xW255xD88mm

The footprint of this box means it will stack with 9 litre boxes as well as other 4 litre boxes.

Made from sturdy polypropylene

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