Really Useful Storage Box 21 Litre

Really Useful Products Ltd

Really Useful Storage Box 21 Litre

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The Really Useful 21 Litre Storage Box is perfect for storing Board Games, Models, Miniatures, PRG Source Books and, well... Just about anything we have to offer here at Mighty Lancer Games! The clear box base and staking shape means you can store all of your hobby hear in multiple boxes and have easy access to the items you need at a glance, plus the durable design means you can rest easy that your precious hobby equipment is safe, dry and clean inside.
Find out how to transform one of these clear stacker boxes into a secure transportation case for your wargaming miniatures here!

*tools etc in image are not supplied*

Internal Measurements: 375m x 310mm x 175mm
External Measurements: 456mm Long x 356mm Wide x 200mm High

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