Warcry: Red Harvest Starter Set

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Warcry: Red Harvest Starter Set

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A perfect introduction to skirmish conflict in the Eight Points or an exciting supplementary addition to your current games of WarCry, Red Harvest contains a smorgasbord of miniatures, terrain and accessories that no Warband leader should be without.
Designed with both new players and old hands in mind Red Harvest contains everything you need to start playing games of WarCry out of the box but also introduces, not only two new warbands in The Tarantulos Brood and The Darkoath Savagers but also a heap of terrain and new rules for engaging over these precarious structures.

What's Inside WarCry Red Harvest?

  • The Red Harvest Rules Supplement
  • A WarCry Printed Game Board
  • The Tarantulos Brood Warband
  • The Darkoath Savagers Warband
  • 28 Piece Terrain Set
  • Reference Cards
  • Measuring Rule
  • Game Dice

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