Trident Realm Dambuster Regiment - Kings Of War

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Trident Realm Dambuster Regiment - Kings Of War

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With ancient oaths that predate even the most established civilizations, the Riverguard Regiment is the forefront of protection for the Trident Realm. They act as sentinels, dutifully keeping a close eye on any potential threats that may pass through rivers and estuaries. In the midst of battle, they utilize impressive leaps to swiftly and aggressively engage the enemy with their deadly poisoned weapons. 

When the rivers under the protection of the Trident Realm are encroached upon by humans, dwarfs or elves, the Riverguard deploy their heavy cavalry – the Dambusters. These giant amphibians are tremendously strong, able to leap over dam walls and lay waste to these constructions and their defenders with ease. It takes fast reflexes and intuition to fight atop these mounts, so only the elite of the Riverguard can be found in Dambuster clutches.

What's Inside?

  • 3x Hard Plastic Dambusters
  • MDF Base

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue.

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