The Wilderness Books of Battle Mats - RPG Maps


The Wilderness Books of Battle Mats - RPG Maps

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Produced by the award winning publisher Loke, these stunning RPG Battle Mats provide your Role Playing Games a durable, high quality playing surface with a variety of environments to choose from.
This bumper set includes a pair of ring bound battle mat books with a wilderness theme, each book contains 20 double sided pages printed with a variety of surfaces found in the wilds of your fantasy campaign settings.
Each mat measures 12 x 12" and has a special wipe clean coating for dry erase markers, the pages are overlaid with a handy 1" grid and opposing pages are printed with a continuous design giving you options for 12x12", 12x24" and 24x24" environments depending on your needs.

  • Lay flat book of 40 wipe clean battle maps
  • Use stand alone or to link/adapt other maps
  • 1 inch grid throughout
  • Ideal for large wilderness encounters
  • Reduces game preparation time
  • 360° spine can fold in half if space is tight
  • Each page is a map
  • Opposing pages work together


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