The Trouble With Treasure - Northumbrian Tinsoldier

Northumbrian Tin Soldier

The Trouble With Treasure - Northumbrian Tinsoldier

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The Trouble With Treasure by Northumbrian Tin Solider is a set of 11 resincast miniatures of various sizes from the deadly jar mimic at 15mm to the treasure elemental at 80mm. A wonderful set of mimics for your gaming table and two sneaky goblins trying to trick unwary adventurers along the way. 

11 x miniature

Treasure Elemental
Bipedal Barrel Mimic
Canid Barrel Mimic
Locked Trunk Mimic
Open Chest Mimic
Locked Chest Mimic
Stacked Crates Mimic
Deadly Jar Mimic
Suspicious Vase Mimic
Goblin Mimic Tamer
Goblin Hoarder

Supplied unpainted and may require assembly. This is not a toy. Any scenic bases shown are for illustration only and not included.

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