The Spanish Unit Silver Bayonet Miniatures

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The Spanish Unit Silver Bayonet Miniatures

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Muster a troop of grizzled monster hunters and supernatural investigators from the ranks of the Spanish military and any hardened civilians with specialist skills. The Silver Bayonet is a delightfully dark, take on traditional Napoleonic combat games that sees generals field an elite team of monster hunters from the forces of the era and battle to repel the supernatural from war-torn Europe. This set includes a full cast of Spanish monster hunters for you to start your own force.

The Set Includes;

  • 1x Officer
  • 1x Sapper
  • 1xInfantryman
  • 1x Artilleryman
  • 1x Guerilla
  • 1x Champion of the Faith
  • 1x Swordsman
  • 1x Veteran Hunter

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