The Quacks Of Quedlinburg


The Quacks Of Quedlinburg

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The Quacks Of Quedlinburg board game is set in the city of Quedlingburg which holds a 9 day bazaar every year in which the country's best miracle doctors and quack surgeons gather to show their wares, your job is to draw ingredients from your bag to try to create the best potions but be careful as mixing things wrong could make the pot explode. This is a push your luck strategy game in which you need to find the right balance between risk and reward and the player whose scoring marker is furthest down the scoring track wins.

Ages 10+
Players 2-4
Playtime 45mins

4 pots,
4 bottles,
8 drops,
4 rat stones,
1 victory point bar,
4 victory point markers,
1 flame,
24 fortune telling cards,
20 rubies,
4 seals
12 ingredients books,
219 ingredient chips,
1 bonus cube

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