The One Ring RPG Starter Set

Free League

The One Ring RPG Starter Set

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Free League’s The One Ring Role Playing Game System whisks you and your [arty away to the iconic world of Middle-Earth, for action packed heroic adventures in the world’s most memorable fantasy story setting.

The One Ring Boxed Starter set includes everything you need to start your adventures, with friends in the lands of Middle-Earth, from rules and dice to beautifully illustrated maps and war gear cards plus, of course a prewritten adventure for your party to explore, set 20 years after Bilbo Baggins’ miraculous reappearance following the adventures of The Hobbit and some 50 years before the events of The Lord of the Rings.

What’s Inside The One Ring Starter Set?

  • A 24 Page Rules Booklet
  • A 52 Page Campaign Setting for The Shire
  • A 31 Page Adventures Booklet
  • Eight Double-Sided Pre-Generated Character Sheets
  • Two Large Illustrated Maps Depicting The Shire & Eriador
  • 30 Wargear Cards
  • Six Double-Sided Journey Role and Combat Stance Cards
  • Two D12 Feat Dice
  • Six D6 Success Dice

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