Symbaroum Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook

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Symbaroum Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook

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A masterwork of Roleplaying Game Design, Symbaroum combines beautifully immersive gameplay with fast-paced, flexible rules for a truly enriched Tabletop RPG experience. The rich world of Davokar plays host to this mesmerising gameplay experience, with five playable races and three archetypes with a plethora of customisation options and abilities.

What's Inside The Symbaroum Hardback Core Rulebook?

  • A fast-paced and flexible rule-set for creating player characters and acting in the game world.
  • 5 playable races and 3 archetypes, divided into 15 occupations, as a basis for character creation.
  • 35 abilities, 25 mystical powers, 33 rituals and a large number of weapons and armours to make each character unique.
  • Detailed guidelines for how to create adventures; 38 monsters and adversaries, and 19 monstrous traits to arm the characters’ enemies with.
  • More than 50 pages describing the game world’s history, geography and cultures, focusing on four particular settings: the Forest of Davokar, the fortune hunter’s town of Thistle Hold, the Ambrian capital Yndaros and the cliff of Karvosti where the barbarian clans convene.
  • Symbaroum is a complete roleplaying game; all you need to play is paper, pen and a dice set.
  • This roleplaying game is suitable for all adventurous humans, goblins and trolls from the age of 12.

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