Shoot For The Stars

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Shoot For The Stars

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Shoot for the stars is a fun, family friendly game that challenges players to guess as high as they dare! Players board the space ship and begin guessing the answer to a series of bizarre questions, the challenge is to guess as high as you dare without going over the correct answer, for example how many toilets are in the White house? If you don't guess bravely you won't win but if you guess too much it could spell disaster.


  • 1 Spaceship
  • 8 Astronaut Meeples
  • 100 Cards
  • 1 Card Dispenser
  • 53 Star Coins
  • 1 Playing Board
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Big Potato Sticker

Ages 10+
2-8 players
15 minutes

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