Riftforged Orcs Mega Army - Kings Of War

Mantic Games

Riftforged Orcs Mega Army - Kings Of War

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Absorb your enemies in a storm of blades, hammers and arcane energy with the Stormforged Orcs faction for Kings of War. This Mega Army Boxed set contains a slew of miniatures to either start a brand new army for this powerful faction, or expand an existing one, offering multiple assembly options and plenty of units.

What's inside the Riftforged Orcs Mega Army?

  • 80x Plastic Riftforged Orcs (Assembles both Riftforged and Reborn Legionaries)
  • 1x Resin Stormcaller on Manticore
  • 3x Resin Thunderseers
  • 1x Resin Riftforger
  • 81x 25mm square heavy infantry bases
  • 3x 50mm square MDF bases
  • 1x MDF cavalry base

*images are for demonstration purposes, models supplied unassembled & unpainted

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