Riftforged Orcs Army - Kings Of War

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Riftforged Orcs Army - Kings Of War

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Terrorise your enemies with hordes of powerful warriors born of the storm. The Riftforged Orcs faction for the Kings of War tabletop game combine the classic dynamics of muscular orcs with the arcane.
A great way to introduce new players to the Kings of War game system or the perfect starting point for a new faction, the Riftforged Orcs Army box contains a whoping 44 miniatures to get you started with a small force for tabletop battles.

What's inside the Riftforged Orcs Army?

  • 40x Multi Part Riftforged Orcs
  • 1x Resin Stormcaller
  • 3x Thunderseers
  • 41x 25mm square heavy infantry bases
  • 3x 50mm square MDF bases

*images are for demonstration purposes, models supplied unassembled & unpainted

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