Pathfinder: Beginner Box


Pathfinder: Beginner Box - Second Edition - PZO2106

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Want to get started with Pathfinder the role playing game? Then this beginner box is a great place to start containing everything you need to jump straight into playing.  Pathfinder is an amazing fantasy adventure role playing game with heroes, villains, creatures and monsters  and you get to choose the character you want to play, will you be a brave fighter protecting your friends from a dragon or a sneaky, sly rogue moving in shadows and striking at your enemies when they least expect it, the choice is yours.

The Pathfinder Beginner Box is a great place to start your Pathfinder adventure with contents for hours of adventure. The box includes:-

Hero's Handbook - 72 pages of rules for playing the game and creating characters

Game Masters Guide - 88 pages with introductory adventure, rules for building your own adventures, magic items and more than 20 pages of monsters.

 Heroes - 4 pre made heroes so you can jump right into your adventure as well as 6 blank character sheets to create your own. 

Monsters - over 100 character and monster pans to use

Map - Full colour double sided adventure map

Reference- 4 game reference cards to help you keep track of your actions 

Dice - a complete set of polyhedral dice 

 Let your adventure begin!

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