Napoleon's French Army Starter Set - Epic Battles Waterloo

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Napoleon's French Army Starter Set - Epic Battles Waterloo

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Dive into Epic scale Napoleonic conflicts with Black Powder Epic Battles' Waterloo Campaign. This huge starter army set for Bonaparte's French forces includes a huge selection of miniatures and bases that should get you engaging in exciting pitched battles in no time.
What's Inside The Black Powder Epic Battles Waterloo Campaign Bonaparte's French Army Starter Set?

  • French Infantry: 800 Line/Light infantry, 80 Skirmishing Voltiguers and 10 Mounted Commanders
  • French Heavy Cavalry: 4 bases of Cuirassiers, 3 bases of Carabiniers and 3 bases of Dragoons
  • French Light Cavalry: 4 bases of Lancers, 3 bases of Hussars and 4 bases of Chasseurs a Cheval
  • French Artillery: 10 Foot Artillery 6 Pounder, 6 Horse Artillery 6 Pounder
  • Green Plastic Bases for all figures
  • 260 Page A5 Black Powder Epic Battles: The Waterloo Campaign Rulebook
  • Assembly & Painting Guide Leaflet
  • Flag Sheets for French Forces
  • The Decoster House MDF Scenery Piece
  • Six 6 Sided Game Dice

*Supplied unassembled & unpainted, images are for demonstration purposes only.

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