Morris C8 "Quad" MkII / MkIII - Rubicon 1/56 Scale Model

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Morris C8 "Quad" MkII / MkIII - Rubicon 1/56 Scale Model

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3-ton 4x4 Cargo Truck
The Morris Commercial C8 FAT (Field Artillery Tractor), commonly known as a Quad, was an artillery tractor used by the British and Commonwealth (including Canadian Army) forces during the Second World War. It was used to tow field artillery pieces, such as the 25-pounder gun-howitzer, and anti-tank guns, such as the 17-pounder.

In 1937 the War Department identified a need for a new FAT to supplement, and then replace, the Light Dragon and Morris CDSWs then in service. A specification was issued for a four-wheeled, four-wheel drive vehicle with winch, on a short chassis. Guy Motors produced their design quite quickly using existing components, and Morris followed with theirs. It was a totally new but conventional design evolved from the Morris CS8 15-cwt GS truck..

  • Choice to build either a Mk II or a Mk III tractor
  • Multi-slide mould cabs for both Mk II & Mk III
  • Top hatch and doors can be open or closed
  • Driver in Commonwealth uniform included
  • Number of Parts: 57 pieces / 2 sprues + 2 multi-slide mould cabs

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