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Monopoly is the classic game of property trading and a must have for any home gaming shelf and now with new player tokens including a T rex, penguin, duck and cat together with the more traditional boat, car, top hat and dog. Which game piece will you choose. 

Monopoly is for 2-6 players aged 8+ with the main aim to bankrupt your opponents and win. Take it in turns to go around the board avoiding the 'traps' along the way such as being sent to jail or paying Income Tax, buy up property that you land on, collect sets, build houses and hotels all with the aim to be paid by other players if they land on your property, but beware your opponents have the said aim. 


  • Gameboard 
  • 8 Tokens 
  • 28 Title Deed Cards
  • 16 Chance Cards
  • 16 Community Chest cards
  • 32 Houses
  • 12 Hotels
  • 2 Dice
  • Money Pack 
  • Game Guide 

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