Magic Dust - The Shifters Vallejo Paint Set


Magic Dust - The Shifters Vallejo Paint Set - 77.090

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Vallejo The Shifters is a range of acrylic paint in which the colours shift depending on the light or angle. The Magic Dust set contains high contrast colours, depending on the light or angle the colour shifts from one shade to the other. 

This set contains :

  • 77.001 Violet/Old Copper
  • 77.006 Gold/Pale Blue
  • 77.007 Pearl/Violet
  • 77.011 Old Silver/Violet
  • 77.012 Silver/Pink
  • 77.015 Gold Yellow/Burnt Orange

A total of  6 X 17ml (0.57fl.oz) dropper bottles with a stainless steel ball for shaking the colour. 

Can be used with airbrush or brush. Always shake well and apply in thin layers. Best effects are achieved over a gloss black base . The pigment in this formulation give the paint a vibrant metallic sparkle while the glass like coating acts like a refracting prism, the results are intensified is the colours are applied on a curved surface. 

Airbrush - You can work with a needle as small as 0.2mm using these paints and they can be used directly or diluted with distilled water (recommended at 4 parts colour to 1 part water)

Brush - It is recommended to dilute the colours when using a brush for application at a ratio of 4 parts colour to 1 part distilled water. Apply in even strokes in one direction. 

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