Lugh - Lucid Eye Jim FitzPatrick - Jimf4

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Lugh - Lucid Eye Jim FitzPatrick - Jimf4

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Jim FitzPatrick Official Collectible Miniature from Lucid Eye of Lugh.

Jim Fitzpatrick is an Irish artist. He is best known for elaborately detailed work inspired by the Irish Celtic artistic tradition.

We celebrate Lughnasa this entire month of August, named as it is after the Celtic god Lugh, better known as Lugh LámhFada -Lugh LongArm. (Also known as Lugh IlDána, the one skilled in all the arts). - Jim FitzPatrick

  • 1 x 28mm heroic scale white metal figure
  • 1 x  base

Provided unpainted and requires assembly. Any painted figures shown are for illustration only. 

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