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Liquid Mask 30ml With Applicator - Green Stuff World

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Green Stuff World's Liquid mask is perfect for coating uneven surfaces ahead of spraying or airbrushing to protect the coat underneath. simply brush on this malleable formula and allow it to dry before painting over the area however you wish, once you're finnished the mask will peel off easily even with a top coat, just agitate the area gently until the mask starts to release, then pull it free with tweezers.

For your application GSW recommend using the brush included in the product, although you can also use any other brush.

**GSW recommend applying at least 2 thin layers of the product over the surface you wish to cover, in order for the mask to have some thickness so it doesn't break when removing it. This way the mask will remove with practically no effort.

Approximate drying time: 15 minutes.

Content: 1 glass jar of 10 ml with applicator.

**Any scenery, miniatures or bases shown are for example only.** 

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