What's Inside Kill Team: Chalnath?

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Kill Team: Chalnath Battle Box

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Expand your Kill Team Skirmishes to the war zone of Chalnath with the first expansion to the latest edition of the Warhammer 40,000 Skirmish combat game. Kill Team: Chalnath contains everything you need to start waging exciting narrative campaigns accross this new warzone, including a pair of Kill Teams, Game Board and Terrain.
Available for the first time in this set, the Adepta Sorotias are receiving reinforcements in the form of Novitiates, the ambitions recruits fighting to prove themselves worthy of true sisterhood, plus the T'au empire are receiving their own boost with a new upgrade frame, designed to enhance the classic pathfinder kit with additional weapons and wargear options.

What's Inside Kill Team Chalnath?

  • 10x Adepta Sororitas Noviates Miniatures
  • 10x Tau Pathfinder Miniatures
  • 3x Tau Drone Miniatures
  • 1x Set of Sector Imperialis Ruins
  • 1x Double Sided Kill Team Game Board
  • 1x Chalnath War Manual

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