Lilo & Stitch #3 Cover B Forstner

Dynamite Entertainment

Lilo & Stitch #3 Cover B Forstner

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Leaving New York City behind, Stitch crash-lands in India, where a video of his arrival promptly goes viral! But before he can bask in his newfound celebrity, the evil Cluster Sovereign comes calling with its super-smart robots - and they're more determined than ever to recapture Experiment 626! Lilo & Stitch continue their globe-hopping adventures under the expert navigation of writer GREG PAK and artist GIULIA GIACOMINO, with added photo opportunities courtesy of cover artists NICOLETTA BALDARI, TRISH FORSTNER, and CRAIG ROUSSEAU!

Publisher Dynamite Entertainment Cover Artist Trish Forstner
Writer Greg Pak Artist Giulia Giacomino

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