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Ice Cool

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Ice Cool a fun game of flicking penguins and fish collecting, use your skills to move your penguin around the board, can you make your penguin slide, jump or even skid round corners? Each player will have to use their skills to get the most points in this fun and exciting game. It's not just cool, it's ICECOOL!

In each round one penguin is the catcher and other penguins are the runners, the runners start in the classroom and they have to flick their penguin around the course to collect their coloured fish, get fish cards and victory points. The Catcher starts from the  the Kitchen and tries to catch the runners before all the fish are eaten.


4 plastic penguins;
5 carboard boxes — rooms;
16wooden Fish tokens(12 fish in 4 player colours and 4fish in white colour)
45 Fish cards (each showing1,2 or 3 victory points)
colour reminder cards
4 penguin ID cards


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