The Guild of Harmony - Set 1 - Twisted - RGM901

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The Guild of Harmony - Set 1 - Twisted - RGM901

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The Guild of Harmony set 1 from the steampunk skirmish game Twisted is a box set of 32mm metal miniatures that takes inspiration from many well known and loved fantasy characters that would look great in your tabletop wargames, diorama, RPG settings and display cabinets as well as for the skirmish game Twisted for which they are made.

This set includes 8 metal miniatures which in the skirmish game depict the secret organisation who work behind the scenes to keep the powers of The Engine in check working for harmony in the world.

8 x 32mm miniatures 

Tinker Belle
Clockwork Rabbit
Zara Craft
Maria Poppets
Character and Activation cards

Provided unpainted and require assembly. Any painted images shown are for illustration purposes only.

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These are not toys, this product contains lead, designed for modellers and collectors.

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