Grit Stomer - S.L.A  Cannibal Sector 1

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Grit Stomer - S.L.A Cannibal Sector 1

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Karma designed the Grit, or 536 Stormer, specifically to bolster and support the Sector Ranger program within Cannibal Sector 1. The 536 is primarily based on the 313 Malice template, but with significant modifications. The Grit is smaller, more akin in size to the Shaktar, and have been produced to be entirely carnivorous as well as particularly resistant to toxins and poisons. They feed off of the natural fauna around them in preference to Ranger rations, therefore increasing rations for their squad mates. A Grit Stormer is repulsive to look at, with a massive lipless and chinless mouth filled with rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth and bright red gums.

The Grit Stormer is the perfect addition to any Sector Ranger patrol.

Includes 1 multipart resin miniature with a plastic base and an Agent card.

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