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Graz'zt - Rage of Demons - D&D Collector's Series Miniature

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71047 "Out of the Abyss" Demon Lord Graz'zt (1 fig). Limited edition with just 1500 being made, get it before it sells out!

The appearance of the Dark Prince is a warning that not all beautiful things are good. Standing nearly nine feet tall. Graz'zt strikes the prefect figure of untamed desire, every plane and curve of his body, every glance of his burning eyes, promising a mixture of pleasure and pain. A subtle wrongness pervades his beauty, from his cruel cast of his features to the six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. Graz'zt can also transform himself at will, appearing in any humaniod form that pleases him, or his onlookers, all equally tempting in their own ways.

Contains 3 Resin Pieces

Sculpted by Georgio Bassani.

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