Galaxy Trucker Tile Laying Board Game

Czech Games Edition

Galaxy Trucker Tile Laying Board Game

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Goin an exclusive workforce of brave Galaxy Truckers and race through space to deliver and collect rewards in this fun tile laying board game. Galaxy Trucker is a fun filled romp across disorganised space as players compete to gather credits, dodging deadly swarms of meteors and fending off greedy space pirates, assemble and upgrade your trusty ship and collect your due Galaxy Trucker!

What's Inside Galaxy Trucker Board Game?

  • 2x Double Sided Flight Boards
  • 4x Triple Sided Ship Boards
  • 156x Space Ship Components
  • 68x Cosmic Credit Tiles
  • 6x Trucker Title Tiles
  • 60x Adventure Cards
  • 42x Astronaut Figures
  • 4x Brown Alien Figures
  • 4x Purple Alien Figures
  • 8x Rocket Markers in 4 Colours
  • 40x Battery Tokens
  • 55x goods Blocks
  • 2x Dice
  • 1x Sand Timer
  • 1x Rulebook
  • 1x Reference Sheet