What's Inside Fury of the Deep?

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Fury Of The Deep Age Of Sigmar Battlebox

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A perfect introduction to Age of Sigmar for new players, Fury of the Deep pits two popular fantasy armies against one another in epic combat, with a host of stunning miniatures, Core Rules for Age of Sigmar and a slew of other materials designed to get you playing games of Warhammer in a flash.
For established Warhammer players, Fury of the Deep offers a great value opportunity to expand on existing Fyreslayer and/or Idoneth Deepkin armies, or even start an altogether new one.

What's Inside the Fury of the Deep Battlebox?

  • Idoneth Deepkin
  • 1x Akhelian Thrallmaster
  • 10x Namarti Thralls
  • 10x Namarti Reavers
  • 1x Akhelian Allopex
  • Fyreslayers
  • 1x Auric Flamekeeper
  • 5x Auric Hearthguard
  • 5x Hearthguard Berzerkers
  • 10x Vulkite Berzerkers
  • Plus
  • 1x 40 Page Fury of the Deep Booklet
  • Warscroll cards & Tokens
  • 1x 56 Page Core Rule Book

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