A fantastic Early British Rail Class J15 steam locomotive by Hornby Hobbies

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Early BR Class 65469 - Era 4 -R3530- Hornby

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A fantastic black with red Con-Rods Early British Rail Class J15 65469 Era 4 steam locomotive by Hornby Hobbies. 

T.W.Worsdell design the LNER Class J15 (GER Class Y14) as his solution to the lack of suitable freight locomotives available on the Doncaster route. The first Y14s were built in July 1883 becoming the most common locomotive type with a total of 259 being built in 27 batches. Hauling both freight and passenger stock with a very low axle loading they could run virtually anywhere on the Great Eastern's network.

DCC Ready 

Motor -5 Pole Skew Wound. Loco Drive

Wheel configuration - 0-6-0

Entered service - 1900s

Length - 218mm

Minimum Radius 438mm

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Withdrawals from service started to take place during the early 1920s, seventeen disappearing before Grouping in 1923. As the numbers of locomotives reduced, so the roles assigned to the J15s changed, local freight and cross-country passenger services becoming typical. Rarely allocated outside East Anglia, scrapping of the class recommenced in 1947, just seventy one engines making it through to Nationalisation, the last four being withdrawn from service on September 16, 1962.


Locomotive 65469 was built at Stratford Works and entered traffic in May 1912 as GER No.571, being allocated initially to Cambridge Shed. Being renumbered to 7571 under the LNER, the locomotive stayed at Cambridge until June 5, 1938, when it was moved to Stratford. The locomotive was then regularly moved around East Anglia, being allocated in various turns to Norwich, Lowestoft, Yarmouth, Yarmouth Beach, Cambridge and March. Renumbered as 65469 on December 2, 1950, the locomotive was withdrawn from service in August 1962.


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