Copper - Pure Metal Pigments - Green Stuff World 2437

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Copper - Pure Metal Pigments - Green Stuff World 2437

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Copper powder pigment from Green Stuff World great for adding shine to your weapons, detail to your scenery gates, realism to your tabletop games treasure piles and so much more.

These powders are elaborated from real metals giving them a great realistic look. Green Stuff World recommend applying the powder pigment by mixing them with a small amount (too much can effect the metallic look) of medium such as varnish, paint, pigment fixer, master medium etc.

You can also mix the pigments with other pigments, paints, epoxy resin and accelerating oxidation products to create your desired effect for your hobby project.

1x 30ml (1.01fl oz)

This product is not toxic but you should avoid inhaling the dust.

Content: 30ml of the product by volume 

Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place. 

Any miniatures or painted products are not included and shown only for illustration. 

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