Cannibal Wrangler & Pigs Expansion - S.L.A  Cannibal Sector 1

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Cannibal Wrangler & Pigs Expansion - S.L.A Cannibal Sector 1

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The Cannibals have always had a close relationship with Carnivorous Pigs, with them providing sustenance, sport and entertainment. The relationship however, is not one way and the pigs equally benefit from the violent ways of Cannibal life, consuming bones, bodies and any other slop they can get their snouts into. When pig wrangling began is not entirely clear, but at some point in the last hundred years or so it has been noted that Cannibals had begun using Carnivorous Pigs in battle. At first, this amounted to nothing more than releasing their captured squealers when the Cannibals home was attacked, but more recently larger pigs have been corralled into battle. Initially, it was just assumed that the entire clan looked after the pet pigs, but as more contact was made with clans that rear them, it has become clear that a designated Wrangler is employed.

This set can be used to bolster your Cannibal clan, or the pigs can be used as Denizens. A very versatile set allowing you multiple gaming options.

Includes 7 multipart resin miniatures with plastic bases and Agent cards.

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