Bugatti Type 35B - Italeri 1/12 Scale Classic Car Kit


Bugatti Type 35B - Italeri 1/12 Scale Classic Car Kit

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The Bugatti Type 35 is one of the most iconic and revered racing cars in motor racing history, both technically and competitively. Ettore Bugatti's masterpiece was a unique mix of engineering skill, design, elegance, speed and its relatively light weight. Produced during the 1920s, it won an incredible number of races in both “road” and “on track” competitions. The Bugatti was in fact specifically designed for the world of racing, which included the introduction of technical and mechanical solutions for the car that made it ideal for the racing circuits of the period. Aesthetically, it was universally known and recognizable by the unmistakable shape of the horseshoe-shaped radiator which was a key design feature of Bugatti as a car manufacturer. Due to its 2,263 cm3 8-cylinder engine with a four-speed mechanical gearbox and equipped with a volumetric compressor, the Bugatti Type 35B was able to attain a top speed of 210 km / h. It was produced in limited numbers until 1930.

Models supplied unassembled & unpainted.

  • 100% New Moulds
  • Steering Wheels
  • Highly Detailed Engine
  • Rubber Tyres
  • Photo-Etched Parts
  • Chrome Parts
  • Opening Cowling
  • Screws, Tubes and Artificial Lather
  • Decals For 2 Versions
  • Colours Instructions Sheet

Skill Level: 5 | 30.6cm Assembled Length

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