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Broken City - Terrain Set (2428) - Green Stuff World

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Broken City - Terrain Set

Build the perfect battliefield for your medieval wargaming with this scenery, a set of thick and sturdy cardboard cutouts especially designed to be assembled and disassembled fast and easily.

The intricate detail and design can be appreciated on all parts that make up this ruined medieval town, with crumbling soot-stained walls, scattered wood planks, blood-splattered floors, textured roof tiles and bricks, working doors and overgrown vegetation.

These buildings offer many openings for units to find cover and high ground, as the different floors can be accessed with ladders and wood planks bridging the different houses, ensuring a wide range of tactical options.

Recommended for 28-35mm scale miniature games and perfect for Mordheim, frostgrave and many other games systems. 


  • 8x House Ruinsputty
  • 6x Fences
  • 5x Ladders
  • 2x Plank Bridges
  • 6x Stone Walls

**Any scenery, miniatures or bases shown are for example only.**

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