Blood Bowl -  Second Season Edition (Boxed Game Set)

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Blood Bowl - Second Season Edition (Boxed Game Set)

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Mayhem and violence are much more important than winning in Blood Bowl, as coach it is your responsibility to lead your team of Black Orcs or Imperial Nobility as they battle it out in great arenas for the entertainment of devoted fans, pride and riches. You are in charge you choose the line up and the tactics in this fun and exciting game of fantasy football. 

With a double sided pitch  of grass and astrogranite this 2 player games can last anything from 1 hour to 3 and is suitable for ages 12+.

As well as the pitch you will also receive:

  • Two teams of 12 miniatures 
  • Two 'Big Guys' -One Ogre & One Troll 
  • Two biased referees- One dwarf and one elf  
  • Game markers and balls
  • Rulebook
  • Two dugouts
  • Range ruler and templates
  • Two sets of dice
  • Two cheat sheets 

Miniatures are provided unpainted and require assembly (glue and tools are not included)

Blood Bowl is a complete game for two players but it can be expanded and additional teams are available in store and online.

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