Bayou Starter Box -  Malifaux

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Bayou Starter Box - Malifaux

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Bayou Starter Box for your Malifaux third edition table top miniatures skirmish game or other wargames, RPGs and more. These unusual miniatures feature goblin like creatures riding farm animals and a tree making them a definite must for a miniature collector and someone who likes to paint something out of the ordinary. This box set has all you need to start your Malifaux third edition journey for the Bayou faction including miniatures, markers and fate deck. 

32mm heroic scale 

Pre assembled Miniatures 


1 x Stumpy miniature 

1 x Fluffernutter miniature 

1 x Ruffles miniature 

1 x Bo Peep miniature 

1 x Fate Deck 

General Upgrades

10 x Scheme Markers

Measuring Widget 

Miniatures are provided unpainted. Any painted examples, bases or scenery shown are not included. 

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