Arlinn Kord & Tovolar - Magic The Gathering - Wizkids


Arlinn Kord & Tovolar - Magic The Gathering - Wizkids

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Arlinn Kord & Tovolar unpainted miniature by Wizkids as part of their Wave 4 Magic The Gathering range of miniatures. A pack of two miniature representing this powerful mage in werewolf form, she has charcoal grey fur which gets darker towards the ridge with glowing orange eyes in Magic the Gathering but you can paint this miniature however suits your gaming needs. This pack also contains Tovolar a werewolf from the Mondronen howlpack and Dire Pack who unusually can hold his weapons in werewolf form and has silver fur. In this pack Arlinn Kord is a smaller miniature than Tovolar. 

2 x miniatures

With integrated bases and clear bases.

Primed and ready to paint straight out of the blister pack.

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Supplied unpainted and any painted examples shown in the product images are for representation purpose only.

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