Ark Nova Zoo Building Board Game

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Ark Nova Zoo Building Board Game

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Ark Nova is a beautifully presented board game that places payers at the helm of an ambitious project, designing and building a state of the art scientifically managed zoo. Players are tasked with developing and maintaining their zoo while participating in important conservation projects around the world to further protect the many wonderful species residing in their own zoo

With rewards centred around scientific and conservation achievements, stunning game cards featuring vivid animal photography and engaging, reeplayable game mechanics, Ark Nova offers a fun and enticing game play experience for all manner of play groups, whether friends or family.

Recommended for ages 14+, Ark Nova can be played as a solo game or in groups of up to four players.

Average Game Time is approximately 90 - 150 minutes.

With a lot of love for the theme, game designer Mathias Wigge has created an interestingly interwoven game. With high replayability and rich components, ARK NOVA provides a remarkable gaming experience that will bring the game to the table again and again.

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