Aetherman - S.L.A  Cannibal Sector 1

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Aetherman - S.L.A Cannibal Sector 1

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Aetherman are specialists, tasked with only one job - to observe, identify, and ultimately remove the threat of Dream Entities. These veterans are trained and equipped like no others employees of SLA Industries, donning unique Aether Armour which prevents the nearby materialisation of Dream Entities and offers additional protection from their unnatural attacks.

The Aetherman are a part of Naga 7, one of SLA’s most misunderstood and secretive departments. They are all intelligent scholars, with a deep understanding of the races that live on Mort. These men and women are highly adept of explaining the unexplained - their primary function being to identify and classify creations of the Dream, so that future spawnings of such creatures can be avoided, however their roles do not stop with The Dream, taking responsibility for assessing the deeper social, political and religious implications of all of Morts races and denizens.

Aethermen often accompany Sector Rangers or SLA Operative squads into Cannibal Sector 1 for prolonged periods of time, acting as advisor and observer, overseeing operations and steering their companions on the safest path. While they hold little jurisdiction in such situations, those who have spent any time in CS1 know that is is wise to listen to an Aetherman.

Includes a multipart resin miniature with plastic base and Aetherman Agent card.

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