A-A5 Speeder Truck Unit Expansion (Star Wars: Legion)

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A-A5 Speeder Truck Unit Expansion (Star Wars: Legion)

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A mobile bunker for redeploying units the heavy A-A5 Speeder Truck is a deceptively fast mode of transport for units on the battlefield, capable shrugging off enemy fire while redeploying troops and cargo at speed. Mounted with an optional Turret for returning fire, the A-A5's utility in the Outer Rim Territories is owed largely to it's superior versatility.

This Star Wars Legion Expansion box includes a single A-A5 Speeder Truck model with assembly options plus 16 Upgrade Cards, 15 Assorted Tokens and a Rulesheet for the  Star Wars Legion Tabletop Game.

*Images are for illustration purposes, models supplied unassembled & unpainted

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