MLG Customer Gallery

Had a blast painting this demon.-L Boulter

Gargantuan white dragon! - Tiff

The second Giant from a song of Fire and Ice - Russ Justice

Lovely figure to paint thoroughly enjoyed painting it -Russ Justice

Thermic Plasma Regulators ready for the table top -Keith M

First reaper model painted. Looking forward to getting some more -Steve Phillips

Reaper Axolotl adventurer. What a cute lad! - Tyler Halliwell

Reaper Dragon Bust! - Tiff

First Beast Rider. It was Painted with brushes not an airbrush- Terry Jones


Got to admit I enjoyed painting this guy - Russ justice

Mantic Iceblade for a 'wintery challenge' using slate pieces, Scary Woods & Snow - @realironhand

So much detail, tentacles why would you choose any other weapon - T Jones

Ethereal & Shield Drones from the Tau Starter Set by Roospls

Bolt Action Soviet MG, Had fun building the base from odds and ends and plastic card - Russ Justice

Lockdown project - David Bagnall

Flying Dragon - Tiff

Research the animal you are planning to paint can give an added level of realism - Burnthouse