Bolt Action US Rangers

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Bolt Action US Rangers

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This versatile plastic set serves as the ideal core for assembling an army of these rugged troops. With thirty Rangers included, you can create a wide range of squads and weapon teams, such as Ranger infantry, Officer, Sniper, and Bazooka teams. Each sprue is full of intricate details and customizable options, from the dynamic poses and various arm options, to the abundance of combat gear, including numerous knives, entrenching tools, 'Bangalore Torpedo,' and 'satchel' demolition charges. The set also offers a diverse selection of heads, ensuring no two models look alike. Some of these heads are inspired by the beloved film Saving Private Ryan - a favourite among wargamers. 

US forces are fantastically simple to paint, and these Rangers are no exception. With only a few colours, you can quickly and easily bring your collection to life on the tabletop, and the awesome detail on these plastic sprues provides a fantastic opportunity to flex your painting muscles! Whether storming the beaches on D-Day, where the Ranger legend would be born, or pushing into Germany, you’ll have an army that looks great and packs a serious punch on the tabletop. 

    Enough plastic components to make 30 US Rangers miniatures, including bases.
    A host of weapon and equipment options to allow for different weapon configurations and squads.
    Additional heads inspired by the movie Saving Private Ryan.
    Assembly options & painting guide.
    Full-colour waterslide decals.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted 

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