Darth Maul Commander Expansion (Star Wars: Legion)

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Darth Maul Opperative Expansion (Star Wars: Legion)

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A master of the Sith arts, Darth Maul channels his inner hatred to weild the force with almost unmatched power and fight with speed and precision. Off the battlefield the Sith is a master of subterfuge, utilising the many assets available to the Separatist Alliance to gather crucial intel before striking at the enemy.

With this expansion, you can dispatch Darth Maul and his Sith probe droids to do your bidding. The beautifully detailed, unpainted Darth Maul miniature can be assembled in three distinct poses while his three signature command cards make him a particularly versatile fighter. Finally, eight upgrade cards let you fully fully explore his dark power.

  • Contains a highly detailed, multi pose Darth Maul Miniature
  • 3 Sith Probe Droids
  • 3 Command Cards
  • 8 Upgrade Cards
  • 13 Assorted Tokens
  • 1 Rulesheet

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